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Design Consult

Design Consult

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Need design help with a space in your home?? I’d love to help! Select from the menu which option you’d like, and we will get started right away! I’m willing to work with you no matter the budget, and will do whatever I can to help you love your home!

1. E-mail Consult- This design consult will start out with an email to me from you including a description of your space, a detailed few pictures of the space, what you’re envisioning for this area if you have some type of idea, your design style if you have an idea (mine is a mix of farmhouse/Industrial/boho), any pictures of items in your home you can or would like to use to update your space, your budget for the project, and any other info you can give me to best help me give you my greatest ideas! I will then return you an email of picture samples of ideas I think would work great for your space, links of colors or products I recommend using, possible draw up of what I’m thinking for your space depending on the size, advice on how to go about doing the project yourself or what type of professional to hire for help, and any and all recommendations and ideas I can give you to help you love your space all while sticking to your budget! I will be available via email during your projects to answer any questions you may have, or help in any way I can!

2. Virtual Consult- This design consult will start with an email from you to me exactly like option 1 above, and will also include a virtual consult with me via FaceTime or Zoom. Via email, we will schedule a time that works best for the both of us to have a virtual meeting. During that consult, we will go over your email, I will view your space virtually, I can see any items you already have to utilize in the space, we can discuss your budget and if you are tackling the project yourself or hiring out, and I can get a better grasp on your needs and wants by speaking with you personally. I then will follow up with an email exactly like option 1 above. I will be available for another virtual call during your project for any questions you may have, and will also leave my inbox open for you to ask away!

3. In Person Consult- This is for my local customers! After you select option 3, we can find a time that best fits us both for me to come see your space in person. We can talk about your wants and needs for this space, I can see any and all of the items you may already own to utilize in the space, we can talk design style and discuss different options, we can go over your budget for the project, and I can get a better understanding of your lifestyle by viewing the space myself and talking with you. This will help me with my recommendations, and any advice I may have for you! I will then follow up the visit with a detailed email like the mother consult options, and will be available via email or virtually to help you along the way! 

With any purchase of a design consult with me, you will get 10% off your next decor purchase with SBD!! After the consult, I will send you a code to use that will adjust your total at check out! 

*After your purchase of a design consult, you will receive an email from me within 24 hrs to start the conversation! So keep an eye out for an email from*

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