My name is Lauren, and I am the face behind Sleepless Beauty Designs! I am a 30 year old mother of 3, a wife to a pretty awesome guy, and a fur mom of 2 doggos! I started my little side crafting business in 2014, and have been remodeling houses with my husband and our families for just about as long! While spending time with my little family, home decor, attending concerts, traveling, glamping, Target, Starbucks, and Hobby Lobby are on my list of interests, I'm not just your typical mini van driving stay at home mom. People found that out when our home listing went viral on Zillow Gone Wild because of a hilariously inappropriate sign I made that is hanging over our master bed. The "Poundtown House" was quickly trending on twitter, I had news and radio station interviews, magazine interviews, and the whole world was looking at our home! I went from about 100 locals knowing about my little crafting business, to the entire country! So that is what brings me here, to my first website to sell my items! I'm so excited to start this next adventure, and happy to have you all along for the ride! Thank you for supporting my small business, and my DREAM!!